What is Footgolf?

Footgolf is an urban fusion combining the more traditional game of golf with a twist of football. Typically played on a golf course environment with the aim of kicking a football into an oversized hole. The challenge is to achieve this in as few shots (kicks) as possible. Sounds simple right?

In recent years footgolf has become increasingly popular, mainly due to it is inclusive for everyone to play. It is perhaps one of the easiest things to pick up and learn without the need for expert coaching. This results in immediate satisfaction, unlike golf. You also get to spend time outdoors in the fresh air with people you want to be with.

Every step around the course is about having a fun and social time. This is core to our values at Brighton Footgolf. We want to grow and develop into the ultimate footgolf venue at the old Benfield Valley golf course.

Have you ever heard of footgolf? as it is perceived to be a newly developed sport. However, the first footgolf tournament took place in Holland, in 2008 consisting of professional football players from around the world. This entertaining and exciting game places great emphasis on technique and precision.  Which is why once you’ve played it, you’ll want to challenge yourself to get an even better score next time. It’s also great for any football player, socially or to improve their game.

 What footgolf can offer?

Footgolf is the perfect social activity in which you and your family,  friends or work colleagues can come along to, as it brings a distinctive difference to a typical game of football or golf, no where near as physical as football, nor technical and time consuming as golf.

Whilst the game will benefit any football player regardless of their ability as it gives the individual a chance to improve their technique and striking ability. However, do not be fooled by what may seem to be a competitive nature to this game. The game is all about bringing people together in an active environment which makes it great for families, corporate events, birthdays, team bonding, football teams and enhancing community spirit.

If you feel as though football or golf isn’t the game for you or believe you have no technical ability, there is no reason why Footgolf should go dismissed. Give it a go and you will not regret it, the game is easy to pick up and there is an absolute guarantee that you will have a laugh and want to come back.

What are you waiting for, visit our online booking page and experience the fun that is footgolf.