Coronavirus (aka) Covid-19

If you or anyone in your group has symptoms then please do not come and play, as that would be unfair on our dedicated staff members.

Due to the fact we are situated in roughly 18 acres of open space, we are hoping to carry on with business as usual (kind of).

We feel that if we are asked to isolate as households, then we could still be able to do things together that doesn’t jeopardise or put in danger other members of the public. A golf course like ours, by its very nature is a vast space of cultivated and well kept grasses (ours looks great). This means that when on the course, you will not come within at least 25 meters of any other groups due to the layout of our course. Which far exceeds the 2 metre distance that we have all been advised to adopt. We will not be offended if you stand a metre away form us and look at us like some sort of alien from another planet (maybe we should get some alien masks to wear to ease the awkwardness).

Pre Bookings only, either by phone 01273 761001, or online.

This is to prevent customers coming into unnecessary contact with other customers. It also enables us to make sure we do not create any large gatherings of people which the government has stressed it wishes to prevent.


If you could try hard to make payments using contactless by card/phone/watch/ring (yes, someone actually paid using a ring on their finger). We will still accept cash payments, but for the time being contactless is preferred. You can also prepay over the phone using card payment.

Barn clubhouse

We will close the barn as a place to sit and stay. In saying that, we will still be able to make hot drinks for you and sell cold drinks and packeted snacks (sweets/chocolates/crisps/flapjacks), and serve them to you in a hygienic manner.

Hot drinks

All hot drinks will be provided in disposable cups (no lids), and we will place a bin outside the barn for empties.


We can carry on serving alcohol (Challenge 25 still in operation). Our course is licensed so when you buy a drink from us, you are allowed to take it with you around the course when playing (just need to sign into our drinks log). Alternatively, you can have your drink on our patio area.


The footballs that our customers use, will be sanitised and wiped down in front of you before your use. In saying that, you hardly need to handle the ball when playing, so the constant friction on the grasses will carry on cleaning the ball.

The flag poles will also be sanitised and wiped down on a regular basis.

Toilet facilities

We will still keep a working toilet for our customers to use.