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Do I need to book?

Yes, you can either book online or give us a call. There are multiple booking slots for you to choose. Each slot is for up to 5 players at weekends, and up to 6 for midweek days. If your group is larger than 5 or 6 people then please call us on 01273 761001.

What happens if it rains?

The Brighton Footgolf course handles rain like no otherOur terrain is perfect for absorbing water and preventing mud, and we’re so confident in our course if you find any puddles in the grass we’ll give you your money back!

Can I wear boots?

Yes, we are one of only 2 courses in the country that allow players to wear football boots. However, our grasses and turf are that good that we prefer you to wear astro trainers. We feel it’s a case of health and safety, and wearing the appropriate footwear is essential.

We’ll allow pretty much anything you find comfortable to kick a football with.

Do you sell food and drink?

Yes, whether you’re in the mood for a piping hot coffee, a delicious cool ice cream, or even a refreshing pint straight from the tap, Benfield Barn Café is the perfect place to disconnect from your stressful life. We currently do not sell hot food.

Do you have parking?

Yes, not only do we have parking but it’s free to park here if you’re a customer. We have space for around 60 cars. Our car park entrance is off Hangleton Lane.

How long does footgolf take?

This depends on your group size. For a typical group of 4 players, we would expect to take no longer than 1 hour to do 9 holes, or around 1.5 hours for 18 holes. We find that younger kids tend to be quicker around the course as they often run to play their next shot, whereas more mature players enjoy the casual stroll.

Is there a dress code?

No, you are free to play in whatever you feel comfortable in. Just make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.

Can I use my own ball?

Yes, you are more than welcome to play with your own football. You can also hire a ball here if you’d like to.

Can I bring a pushchair?

Yes, we want the whole family to have fun together, so if you’ve got a little one who needs to be pushed around that’s completely fine.

What’s the difference between 9 and 18 holes?

Currently, Brighton Footgolf provides 9 unique holes to play, and if you book 18 holes you’ll repeat the same 9, allowing you to hone your skills and learn from the last round. However, we are currently hard at work on an additional 9 holes which we plan to make available to play soon.

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If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email us or call 01273 761001