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Work underway…

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When Richard Philp designed this new course it was always his intention of creating a fun and challenging 18 holes footgolf course.

The first stage was to get the course transformed from a stand-alone 9 hole golf course into a footgolf venue. This happened and the feedback from the thousands of customers that have played here has been incredibly positive. However, many keep asking when will the new holes be ready??

So, work on Phase 2 has been underway over the past weeks and months in an attempt to have the new 9 holes ready for action in the Spring of 2020.

One of the toughest challenges has been trying to create a course that will flow, with the minimal distances of completing one hole to starting the next hole. In order to achieve this the existing 9 holes will be slightly revised, and a couple switched around to help enable the new flow for the 18 holes.

For those of you interested Richard has done some video updates of the work carried out and we will share the link here shortly.

Now we have to sit and wait so to speak and hope the new turf settles down, the new grass seeds germinate and sprout new shoots, and the old fairways that had grown to over 1 metre high in many places can get themselves back to short manicured fairways.

All of this is going to take time, and unfortunately we can’t dictate the weather. We are very confident that we will create a brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable 18 hole footgolf dedicated course.

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